“Stop whining like a girl”

“Stop whining like a girl”

“Be a man!!”

Narcissistic, Ruthless, Hypocrite audience been molding the man out of you.

Who made you the stronger sex ?

Trenching you from the instant you were born that you are strong and painting any color but ‘pink’.

Why are all things associated with the feminine weak? Why? You hear people say stop acting like a girl?

How are girls?

We hear people say stop walking like a girl, how do girls walk? “Be a man” , “he’s such a girl” . Why is it normal that being a man connotes strength and being a woman connotes weakness.

You, my beloved is unique,characteristic in your own way. No gender must have “pink” denoting as their weakness, I love pink and i am not feminine for that. Anything regarding feminine is considered stupid or irrelevant.The moment you have a baby girl we buy her dolls pink clothes, this stereotypical mentality of associating colors with sex.

Really? Colours are just colours. Girls wear any colour of clothes but men have become so picky because they do not want to look like a girl. Stereotypes who cannot wear yellow , purple ,or whatever colour the world has associated with women.

If blue was the “normal” colour for girls, men would hate blue if it was brown, they would hate brown. We are drenching in the beliefs that were born with enigmatic ego of earlier era.


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