The guy named BILLS looked up at the mountains as he crossed by them, he has driven this road a thousand times in the last decade and haven’t given a moment of thought.Tearing the sketch, he has been gazing at, he slowed the whirring gears of his mentally ill brain , enough to look at the dawn sky filling up with light through a few frozen stars. Their is no sound other than his own slow heavy breathing just like his downtrodden life. Breathing escalated fast, violent wind started as he ran faster ,and within few minutes he was soaked in blue, running in blurred untrod-den woods. The words from her scratching drawing quote “Come home soon”.
That quote was a storm and as he walked through the storm, paving his way into reality, he toppled into the river and paved his way out distorted in all emotions ,he looked for the sketch and kept staring with the awe of resentment he started to fold the paper in half.

In the light of frozen stars, right above his head he started folding. He is swift though careful. A series of folds and spanning the paper – and the boat was ready.
With a heavy heart, gripping the boat with his forefinger and thumb, he let it go.

Gazing the boat, his heart ached as it drifted along the river, he felt the warmth on his shoulder in this chilling cold breezing wind. A blanket with amiable warmth covered him as she sat holding him, watching their beloved memory fade away. No one said a word , because they saw how great their suffering was. … and there is none that can fill up that emptiness. As the girl sneezed, he noticed her presence , both shivering with teary eyes kept staring the dark ,then gradually the light began to take shape and the darkness lifted like the raising of a veil and over the tree tops the sky was streaked with crimson red.
It was like this for sometime, while everything became clearer and more distinguishable; and then the nature was ready, as was she, mumbling with loosened lips she slid her hand under his arms and started walking, while they walked back to their home ,with a sharp anger,
She said “every time i tell you to get home safe, stay good….” her lips stalled ,they were home . Without saying a word, he walked away to the closet ,drowning over , digging deeper frowned upon the thoughts of his wife, “to stay safe”.

His heart was beating at a random pace, failing to smile , he walked into the kitchen counting beans precisely to be 20. He did this every time he made her coffee. He stared at her she extended her arm out to him .Not wasting time, wanting to feed off of her exuberant energy, he placed coffee mug in her hands.