Cursed souls…


Don’t you see that a few excruciating experiences can’t be expressed?

That depths of our soul can’t be put into words ?

Yes  it feels that words are simply cried out of our hearts and yes, I do come close to reveal the essence of that pain, yet I fail. Again & again.

I come close to find the answer to all of my questions and yet… the answer swifts away like a whirl of wind  like a soft whisper disappearing right before i can have it.

I want to talk/speak more than I can, more than I am capable of. Words are my biggest failure. Words has executed more souls than one can imagine.

Words has made all my dreams hitherto. Without the ability to express my emotions, without the ability to pass them on, to leave something behind,this curse will never reach denouement.

words fail to express what my heart so desperately want to declaim.

I feel in such a way that the fire that burns inside the chest is menacing to smash the world.I am strong yet I feel weak, because all i want to be able to contain in punctuation marks is something that brings out the best in me.

Just offer her a glimpse into my soul and hope that she can see and feel what I see and feel Why would that not be enough? We are all similar in nature.

We are all alike . we love and we feel .That’s it.

Words make us feel less alone, and let us know that there is someone out there who’s just like me. There’s great comfort in that, in knowing that the one with the sword the one with the roses is you always you.


Aspiring to be a scribbler

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